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Feb 10, 2007


After neglecting my bloggy for a long time, I am finally back (and better than ever - woof woof!).
It's been pretty hectic!! Let me tell you all about it...

The Holidays

Christmas Eve

Hmm, suddenly I realized that all the action was going on in the basement... and people seemed to be taking turns down there! What was that all about? So being a nosey guy, I had to head down and be the center of attention. I was so surprised...

This is what I found! Have you ever seen so much wrapping paper?!?!?!

The look on my face says it all... WHOA!

I got to help everyone wrap some presents, but then I had to go upstairs because I started sniffing around and... I think I may have found something for ME!! Yippee! So I had to go upstairs then. Booooo.

THEN that night a whole bunch of presents started to materialize underneath the tree in the living room. Hmm...

And then I noticed that... *GASP* there finally was a stocking with MY name on it... yup, the one with the paw print, hehe!

Notice MY stocking is bigger than my girl's - muhahahaha!

It was soooo hard to sleep that night! Especially since... we left a note for Santa and some cookies... and then in the early hours of the morning, I heard a noise and went looking and...


Well, I hurried to tell the girl, but she is so cranky when she's sleeping... she didn't listen to me, but she was sorry in the morning when she saw the picture I had taken!!

Christmas Day

Anyways, the festivities really began in the morning, when everyone gathered around the tree with music playing in the background. I was having a really great time watching everyone open their gifts... and then they told me that it was time for me to open my gifts, too. We all took turns and at every turn I was so surprised to find that I had a present too! I just love my family and wish that every doggie could be so blessed.

Here are some pictures of me on Christmas Day with my new toys!

I got so many toys that I felt overwhelmed and wasn't sure which one to play with first!

I love Christmas and I already can't wait for next year!!

Waiting for the New Year

There was lots of buzz about the New Year! Truth be told, it kinda scared me - I mean, what did that mean? The days leading up to the New Year were much like any other... I romped. I played. I frolicked.

I ate Frosty Paws ice cream!!

New Year's Eve

Well, New Year's Eve finally arrived. Mom, Dad, and the girl all went out for a while and didn't take me (booooo!) but said they'd be back in time to see "the ball drop." Umm... were they going to drop one of my squeakies from the top of the stairs or something?? When they got back, I scoped the champagne and knew that this was going to be a GOOD NIGHT!!

Not as good as the Moet & Chandon I had a while back, but it'll do...

Ohhh - so THAT'S the ball!

Sooo, after the ball dropped on TV (aww, how sweet of my family to come and watch it instead of staying in NYC!), we all sipped our champagne...

And this is how I felt after my champagne sips!

Oh, and mom and dad helped me figure out my resolutions for the new year. One that they requested is that I call my girl "big sis" because that is what she is to me and they feel like I am "getting fresh" referring to her as "my girl" - HAHA! So from now on... she is my big sis.

January Arrives


As you all know, I unfortunately was forced to attend puppy classes!! I was under quite a bit of pressure when my family gave me pep talks and we had "test practices" before my big exam and hopeful graduation date. Yeesh! Talk about stress!! My family says that I graduated by the "skin of my teeth," but I think personally that I did a great job. Check out these pictures from my exam, of my classmates, and of my other eskie friend in class!!


Puppy classes weren't so fun, but there were two great aspects to the payoff...
1. No more socializing with those heathens!
2. NEW TOYS!!!!

Ooh, and lots of other fun things happened in January, too.

I got my very first doggie bed for during the day (I sleep on the cold tile and my family worries!)

SNOW! I just love the snow and I wish that we could get more of it! I want to roll in it and eat it and play in it all day long!


January wasn't all fun and games, though. I was really worried because mom had to go to the hospital and then when she came back, she wasn't the same. Usually every morning she plays with me and we have "tea time" where she sits on the sofa and drinks tea while playing with me! At the end I always sit next to her while she gives me a nice long rub. I just love mom... she is the only family member who ever gives me yummy people food, even if the others tell her not to. She sneaks it to me as long as it's safe for me. She says she wants me to enjoy my life and that when she was little, she was very naughty and always stole cookies from the cookie jar in her kitchen.

When mom got back from the hospital, mom, dad, big bro, and my girl - I mean, big sis - all cautioned me to be very gentle and not jump on mom when she was in bed. I was just soooo excited and happy to see her and so scared that she wasn't playing with me that I jumped on the bed anyway. Everyone got mad at me, but mom said it was ok and so I gave her kisses.

For the next two weeks, I didn't leave mom's side. I stayed beside her and helped keep her entertained. Everyone could tell I was really concerned because although mom ate her meals in bed, I didn't ever look at the food or ask for any. I just guarded her and made sure she was ok. I also kept the others in line because as you all know, humans can be quite pushy. Mom needed to rest!!

Now mom is ALL BETTER!!!!!!! I love you, mom.

And there you have it, friends. This is what I've been up to the past few weeks and this is what has kept me from blogging. I hope you will stay tuned as I have lots more to fill you in on and I promise to blog regularly again! I have missed you guys!!