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Apr 10, 2007

Please Pray for Casper

Hi friends!

I am sorry that I have been MIA again. Please feel free to e-mail me with hate mail for my big sis for constantly being on her dumb computer and never letting me use it to update my bloggy. Yeesh!

I have a favor to ask of you now. My really good friend Casper (he is like my big brother) from California has had a medical relapse and is really sick. Casper has been battling Evans Syndrome for over a year now and he needs all the prayers he can get to pull through. Please pray for him!

Also, Casper's hospital bills are really difficult for his mommie to manage, so if you could click on the ads on his bloggy, it will be free to you but would provide Casper with a few extra cents. A lot of cents can help them a lot!

Be healthy, Casper! We are all praying for you.