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Oct 31, 2006


This is my first ever Howl-A-Ween.
First my humans tried to get me all dressed up again, but I quickly established that I wasn't too fond of wearing the horns... AGAIN. They already had their fun with those and now I just want to chew on them! So I just wore my devil cape, and that was pretty cool. I like it because I can chew on the ties. Muhahahhaaaaaaa! I mean, hehe. How eeeeevil of me.

So first we went for a walk around the neighborhood. I met lots of kids in costume, but the costumes didn't scare me... in fact, my girl was wondering if I noticed them at all. I also met some doggies, some who I already know, and some new... and one really BIG one! She wasn't interested in me, which was lucky... but I was pretty scared of her at first.

Then we got back home and my girl disappeared for a while. Then she came back, and she had whiskers and a kitty nose and kitty ears! Then mom and dad had them too! That was weird! But I guess since I walk on two legs sometimes and try to be human, they want to be like me sometimes too. I can understand that!

The doorbell ringing has stopped now. I was really freaked out because we seemed to be giving away a LOT of candy. At first I worried that they were my treats! I got to go to the door to greet everyone, but some kids seemed pretty scared of my barking. My girl gave me a bunch of treats tonight though, so I guess I can't complain. Overall, not a bad first Howl-A-Ween!

Oct 29, 2006

VIPs get Vitamins (and use The Internets)

A few days ago when my girl gave me a mani/pedi, she noticed that my nails were dry and crackly when she clipped them. She ran this by the vet, who suggested either a food change or a multi-vitamin.

My girl went out and got me a multi-vitamin. I was mad at her because I recognize the pet store bag and I know she didn't take me to get treats from my friends there. But I guess I understand, especially since she explained that I'm a VIP (Very Important Pooch), and that VIPs get yummy tasting multi-vitamins.

She was using The Google to research dry doggy nails on The Internets and she found one source that cited malnourishment as a possible cause! My girl thinks she just needs to get me some Omega-3 Fatty Acids. That stinks because I thought I'd get a lot more food out of her if I played my cards right.

PS - Regarding my political reference... and you thought dogs weren't interested in politics!! *GASP* Chasing tails, sniffing out pee spots, and digging holes are dog behaviors of the past. One day there will be a doggie running things in the Oval Wooffice.

Oct 28, 2006

A Most Angelic Devil

Wowsa! What a day! The girl has been doing "test drives" of me wearing my devil horns and cape for about an hour everyday for the past few days. Today she got me all dressed up and in a car full of humans, we drove to my favorite place - the pet store! There I met lots of other doggies all dressed up - there were two golden retriever pumpkins, a maltese ladybug, a pug in a top hat, a schnauzer dressed as a skunk... but the best were two little hamsters dressed as Ham and Cheese!

I posed very nicely for the camera and got a goodybag full of treats and... we were off! My humans tell me I did an awesome job and am the most handsome devil around!

I'm so evil! MUHAHA! Oh no, my horns slipped!! Girl! Mom, dad! Help! My evil horns!

Guys, why do you think that lady in the next car looked over and screamed?? Oh well. CHEEEESE!! Aren't I a handsome devil??

Oh, you humans are so gullible! I'm not a devil at all! Fooled you, didn't I?? Ha ha!

Oct 27, 2006

Fruits and veggies and meats, oh my!

My humans started out swearing that they would never feed me table food.

They haven't really - but there are a few exceptions.

I get a piece of banana, apple, or pear any time my humans are eating them.

My girl eats kiwis addictively, and she lets me have a few licks when she's done.

I once stole a piece of mango off my girl's fork. Hah. That was so devious of me!

I was given a small piece of carrot once - but that didn't sit so well, so I don't get it anymore.

I've also had a small bite of cooked lamb (it was spicy but YUMMMYYYY).

I get boiled chicken or hamburger with rice if my tummy is upset. My stomach is a little sensitive.

And I do a great job with crumbs on the kitchen floor.

There's so much fun stuff that the humans get to eat! I don't see why I can't eat what they eat!

Oct 23, 2006


I was in Baltimore this weekend... seeing the world and getting cultured. There are lots of different people and places and things to see there.

I had a lot of fun walking around the Inner Harbor and soooo many people stopped my girl to ask about me! I felt like a celebrity.

Here I am in my hotel room. Mmmm, this hotel bed was so comfy!

Oct 19, 2006

Serves Her Right

I have been chewing on the fringe of some of our rugs for a long while now. My humans had no idea. I only did it when they weren't supervising or weren't watching. Well, today they found a lot of damage on one rug and weren't so happy.

My girl got that spray I hate. The Bitter Yuck! Apple spray. She sprayed down the whole rug.

And then she ate something a few minutes later and she got a taste of some! HA HA, girl! It serves you RIGHT! She brushed her teeth three times and drank four glasses of water and the taste is still there.

Well, I can't sympathize, but I certainly can empathize.

Oct 18, 2006

Nosy Gotcha

My girl and I invented a game called Nosy Gotcha! It's so much fun and you should try it with your humans! We put our noses together and she goes to kiss me - but not if I can lick her nose first!! So it goes like this: pucker, lick, darn! lick, pucker, lick lick, I win!! I always win, but my girl is a pretty good sport.

Oct 17, 2006

Peskie Eskie? Peskie iPOD!!!!!

I don't like when my girl listens to music on her iPod. She sticks things in her ears and then she usually doesn't play with me.

So I've devised a method where I hop up to wherever she is and swat at them with my paws until they fall off. The first time I did this, she stared at me with her dopey human mouth hanging open.
What does she think I am? A dumb dog?!

I did it again and again and it really works. She plays with me after!

Oct 16, 2006

putting the moves on me

For all of you ladies out there who are clamoring for my affections and trying to steal my eye... I just want you to know that I'm only looking for a platonic relationship. There's a lady named Snowball who lives in Philadelphia who writes me notes signed "xoxoxoxoxo." Wow. I may not be on Grey's Anatomy, but I'm pretty McDreamy and McSteamy myself!!!!!

The Search

My girl has been on a search for a shirt for me that says "Who's Your Doggie."

Today she went into a pet boutique not realizing that they also sold dogs there. She was very sad to see two little eskies like me (well not exactly like me - they were standards and fox-type eskies, whereas I am a miniature teddy-bear type eskie). They were confined in a small little cage and it just broke her heart. When she got home, she gave me a million zillion kisses and hugs and wanted to encourage anyone who is thinking about buying a puppy to do so from either a reliable breeder or to save a life and rescue a dog from a shelter.

Oct 15, 2006

Rub a dub dub

I just had a nice bath!!

Oh for the love of a dog, lady, would you get me a blowdryer already? You know I start to crimp if I'm not dried immediately!!

Ahhh, that's more like it. Brushed, dried, fluffed, and puffed!

Narcissus? Who's that? And what do you mean, I'm vain?
But seriously... who IS that handsome lad staring back at me?

Ooh! Ooh stop that, you silly creature! That tickles!

Oct 13, 2006

Mystery... and speculation

You know they say a certain air of mystery keeps 'em guessing... Well, right now my girl has a mystery to solve.

Today when my girl got home, she found - right in the middle of my pile of toys - a tennis ball.

Ah, but where did it come from? She'll never know, will she? Ha ha!

In more important news, she claims I play with my rolling tennis ball like a kitten plays with yarn. I find this highly offensive and encourage you to send her notes commenting on my masculinity and utter dogness.

Ladies - so you think you have a chance with ME?

Word on the street is...

I'm a bit of a player.

This is my new shirt! I think it's pretty perfect for a ladies man such as myself. I'm all set to roll out the weekend in styyyyyle... I've got the champagne chilling, my hair's coiffed, I just had a mani and pedi... I'm one smoooooth operator.

Uh oh!

Today the front door got opened just a crack... and I escaped into the front yard!! I did some zoomies on our lawn and tried to get my girl to play with me but she seemed REALLY upset! She dropped her keys and her purse and knelt down and called out my name like she was all happy. I should have seen that it was a trick, but I'm such a sucker for my girl! I galloped toward her and she snatched me up and told me I can never dart through the door again.

My humans are pretty upset with me today. I don't suggest running out the door to any of you doggies reading this. I'm pretty much in the doghouse, so I'm trying to look extra cute.

How am I doing?

Oct 9, 2006

What did I do this time??

Ughh. I had to go to the vet AGAIN today. This was a new one and neither my girl nor I liked it very much. I had to get the third (and final) vaccination in my puppy series. I still need my rabies shot.

I usually am very good about car rides with my girl. I agree to stay seat belted. But today I just wanted to be comforted after my shot and be close to her, so I crept into her lap and she let me sit there with her. She said this was a One Time Only deal... just because she felt mean for taking me to get a shot.

I tried to drive, but she didn't let me. DARN!

Oct 6, 2006

Moping Human

What do you do when your human is all mopey and down? My girl has been moping around all day. I guess she's sick or something because she keeps coughing. Maybe she has a furball??

Big brother came over and spent some time with us, which was cool. I was so mad at him when he left! I love when he comes over because he romps around all over the place with me and plays and plays and playyyys... we play chase and hide and seek and when I find him I BARK BARK BARK BARK to let him know!
My girl took me to Blockbuster with her and we rented three movies. We watched one called The Lakehouse and my girl really loved it. I liked it too because there was a doggie in it.

While we watched the movie, I helped my girl fold the laundry. Here I am helping!

Oct 4, 2006

Thunder & Lightning

Someone help! I don't understand what is going on! There are big flashes of light in the sky and rain keeps pouring down and hitting our house and making scary noises! I don't like it and our lights are flickering!

City Pooch

I am officially a city pooch. I have learned to "do my business" NYC style, baby! I haven't quite mastered the gutter yet, but I am getting there! We had a great day. I got to eat my kibble sitting on a chair inside of Starbucks in Manhattan. My girl, my dad and my big bro all met up. I got to eat some icing (like two licks, but I won't complain) from my girl's cupcake. They got a cardboard tray from the employees (who thought I was so cute and "didn't know I was there") for my kibble. They got me a plastic cup for my water. It was so cool! And I managed to sneak a lick of whipped cream off of my girl's drink. Don't tell her though, she didn't see!!

Oct 2, 2006

Tooth Fairy

Today I lost my first canine tooth. I hope the doggie tooth fairy comes tonight!

I am a keeping a look out...

Oct 1, 2006

Where is my girl??

I am so mad at my girl!

Yesterday the three of us drove into the city. I sat in front with mom but when we got home I realized that.... my girl was nowhere to be found. She wasn't in the car. She wasn't in the house. She wasn't in the backyard or in the front yard, and she wasn't in the garage.

I looked out the window for her all evening long. I did play with mom and dad a lot, but... it just wasn't the same without my girl.

When she came home tonight, I was so relieved. But I was also really mad, so I just ignored her for a while. She fell asleep on the sofa, so I went over and stared at her inches from her face until she woke up. That scared her. Hah! So now she'll know that there had better not be a next time.