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Nov 20, 2007

There was snow?

I am incredibly ticked off at Big Sis right now. Mom and Dad talked to me on the phone last night and told me that in New Jersey, at our big house, a few nights ago... IT SNOWED.

When they told me, I immediately ran to the windows of my city home and looked out (and down because we are on a high floor). NO SNOW.

Later when we went outside for a walk I looked EVERYWHERE. I looked in the park across the street. I looked in building crevices. I peeked inside a parking garage. I scoured the cement. I went up and down steps thinking maybe it was higher or lower. I even looked up a lady's skirt (she did not get mad, I am too cute). Big Sis told her I'm a girl.

I looked inside a store and I saw some fake snow. Big Sis said it was not the real thing but that maybe it would snow this weekend. I just checked the weather on my pawtop though and it's supposed to rain a lot but not snow.

Ohh, snow. I miss you so. I miss your taste upon my nose. And I miss you stuck in between my teeny white toes.

Nov 17, 2007

Who Moved My Kibble?

If any of you, my fellow doggies, have issues with facing change, I encourage you to read "Who Moved My Cheese" - or pop in the DVD while your humans are out during the day. It gives you some great ideas for dealing with change and being open to it. The only problem I have with this story is that it is about a bunch of mice when it really could be about a bunch of doggies (we like cheese too!), but they are pretty affable and likable mice for whom I personally will vouch.

Why the talk about change? Well, it's been a while since I've blogged and that's because I've been settling into life in the Big Apple (not sure why it is called the Big Apple as I have only been given apple twice since living here - misleading, I tell you!). I used to visit NYC quite a bit but I always considered my big family house to be... home. It really took some getting used to.

First of all - I don't have a yard here in the city. At first I was really freaked out about that and refused to go to the bathroom because I usually go on grass. Seemed really undignified to just go in the middle of the sidewalk, but I finally got the hang of the whole "curb your dog" thing.

Second, I live in an apartment now and not a big house. This has its pros and its cons... on the sucky hand, I don't have a great big territory to roam around and multiple levels to create mischief in. But on the cool hand, I can pretty much always see what's going on everywhere - and I've learned how to make mischief in other ways!

Third, there are lots of people - in fact, I have neighbors now! I even have other doggie neighbors!

Which brings me to four... DOGS, DOGS, DOGS! DOGS GALORE! I don't go a walk without meeting at least one new doggie.

After I learned to embrace this big change in my life (Big Sis got me a new toy every few days for a while in hopes of "bribing" me, and that was a huge help!), a few things dawned on me. Most importantly... I am an almost absurdly sophisticated and cool dog. I have TWO homes - a country home and a Manhattan apartment. I am living the American Dream!!

Another great part about where I live is that I go for walks along the East River nearly every single day. I don't know if the rest of you doggies know about seagulls, but they are fascinating and I love to watch them.

And then there is DINING OUT! In nice weather, I had dinner at outdoor restaurants with my family and friends. Some places even put out little doggie water bowls. I do not ever drink from them though because Big Sis brings a bottle and a bowl just for me.

Additionally, since I "officially" live with Big Sis now, there are all sorts of custody battles that really end up in my benefit. Mom and Dad always want me and "dognap" me frequently. At the country house, I am both fed and cuddled in excess and rarely groomed - hah. Awesome. At the city house, Big Sis guiltily overcompensates by buying me toys and also cuddling me in excess. Excellent once again. Only downside is she is groom-happy, but it kinda feels nice to be pretty.

And when in New York... do as the New Yorkers do and be well-groomed. I'm known as a bit of a metrodog, you know.