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Nov 30, 2006

Holy Moly, Roly Poly!

We went to pick up some Interceptor from the vet tonight and I got weighed.

TWELVE POUNDS! WOW! I have officially tripled in weight since my family first got me!

This seems to have earned me three new nicknames...
1. "Large and in charge" - the uncouth girl, obviously.
2. Roly Poly - mom, who sneaks me the best people food.
3. Rumpy Ronak - dad, who I thought was on my side!

Nov 26, 2006

The Grass is Always Greener...

... at the park!!

Today it was only 56 degrees in the afternoon, and considering it's nearly December, it was a great day!! Mom, dad, and the girl took me to the park. I got to run around on my flexi and sniff out lots of different smells. I just loooove sniffing things. Dad really thinks it's hilarious when I do my "hound doggie" impersonation.

My humans even threw around my tennis ball for me to chase!! We had a blast and I was so tuckered out when we got home that I didn't even mind when the humans went to go see a movie.

Nov 25, 2006

Star Pupil

Today was my first day of puppy school, and I was the star pupil! The trainer told me that I'm one of the smartest dogs she's met. In fact, she said that I don't even need to learn commands and tricks because I already know sit, down, handshake, talk, quiet, and high five. My girl says that I just need to learn to be more social with other doggies and that before we know it, I'll be a puppy party animal!

My girl says that I have homework, too. You can tell that the girl was a dweeb way back in the day because she's excited about doing our homework.

I got a little carsick on our way home though. Then before I could even take a nap, the girl grabbed me and I realized... oh no, we're headed for the tub!

Plotting my getaway escape plan!

Wasn't so bad, I guess. Here I am getting my blowout.

Hey girl - you missed a spot!! Hee hee!

Nov 24, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

WAY back in September, I got tagged by my Siberian Husky friend Dakota. As I understand it, I can either list 5 very strange things about me or list 5 things that make a good doggie friend. I am going with the former, so here is my little list of oddities:
  1. I love when my girl hums the Pink Panther theme song. This means that we're about to play!! My tail starts wagging and I run for the nearest toy!
  2. I have long lost reunions with every family member... even if it's only been 2 minutes since I last saw them. I act like we have been estranged. Ha ha!
  3. The only object in the world that I like to hump is my fleece baby blanket. I hold onto it and then I basically hump the air. My girl always wanted a bunny named Thumper, but she says that she no longer needs one because she has a dog named Humper instead.
  4. I am a very holy and pious puppy. I join my family if I see anyone praying!
  5. I just adore being pretty! I love my nighttime routine. I love my yummy toothpaste (mm enzymatic poultry), I love getting my eyes cleaned, I love being brushed and combed, and then I love being tucked into bed!! And I even love watching my humans get pretty - isn't that funny? I especially love watching the girl dry her long hair and then trying to play with it... it tickles my ears!
I was a little late getting on the tagwagon, so if you haven't already been tagged... let me know and I'll tag you!

Here is how I spent some of my holiday. This tough group of letters stumped me a bit, but I ended up winning the game by a large margin*!!

*Well... with a little help from the girl.

PS Can anyone figure out what's wrong with this picture??

Nov 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a wonderful holiday full of happiness and joy.

Nov 22, 2006

Ooh, the holidays!

In the spirit of the holidays, I am sporting my bow tie.

Oh, and by the way - that is my mystery tennis ball at my side! My humans still have no idea how I got it! They think that if they had a candid camera in the house, they would see that I had to climb furniture, scale a wall, juggle plant leaves, and walk across a shelf to get it... my girl thinks the only place they had a loose tennis ball was on a high bookshelf!! I'm still not telling as I prefer to remain an enigma...

I am excited for my first Thanksgiving... but I hope I get more to munch on than this pseudo bone!

But in all seriousness, doggies... beware of turkey on this holiday. My girl told me that every Thanksgiving, many doggies get sick from eating human leftovers.

Hey, quit peeking! I am working on a Top Secret Holiday Mission. I will share it with you all in a few weeks... *wink*

Nov 21, 2006

Ivory Paws & Ivory Keys

When I first arrived, mom, dad, and my girl were all sitting around in the family room watching old family videos. In one of them, big brother was playing the saxophone and I loved it so much... I cocked my head at the tv watching and listening intently with my tail wagging, a huge grin on my face. Excited, my girl introduced me to a bit of jazz (my big brother is a huge jazz buff) and gradually to some of her classical favorites... among them, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Gershwin.

I have a strong preference for Gershwin and my favorite song to relax to is Rhapsody in Blue.

Hence my doggie bloggie is named Rhapsody in Ronak.

Now my girl is teaching me how to play the piano. So far I know middle C and I'm slowly learning the higher bars to Heart and Soul!! Yay!

Big brother says that once I master something simple (perhaps a beginner Ode to Joy?), we can move on to the saxophone. I don't really know if I can hold it up myself, but that's ok, because brother said he will help me... and besides, his saxophone reed looks pretty yummy to me! I wonder if they come in peanut butter flavor...

Musical genius must run in the family! Here is a shot of my 10 month old eskie cousin Sophie (yes, we really are cousins!) from California, taken by her mom Ashley.


There have been so many deer in my yard lately! The past three nights we've gone out, my girl says I have disrupted the peace and woke the whole neighborhood up!!

But I have to bark and let her know because otherwise her human eyes wouldn't know they were there! It's dark and they're in my terrority and I'm just doing my job!! Duh!

Nov 20, 2006

Eskie Escape

My girl left her bedroom door open a crack last night, so this morning she went looking for me and this is what she found...
She says that I must have played all night long because I'm so thirsty!!
I'm not going to tell you! Hee hee, it's my little secret! Now, gimme some breakfast!

Nov 19, 2006

Happy Woofday...

...TO ME!!!!!! I am 6 months old!

I just adore weekends!

Usually mom and dad are here too, but this weekend they're on a trip. And most weekends, big brother and sister in law drop by too, but they are in a different country for the holiday.

It's just my girl and me, but we're having lots of fun. We went to the pet store yesterday to find some Christmas gear for me. I won't tell you what we got or it will spoil my upcoming photo shoot!

And last night, my girl's best friend from high school came over with her boyfriend and we watched a movie... A Fish Called Wanda. I didn't like it because of some unfortunate circumstances surrounding three Yorkies in the plot.

My girl says that I barked too much at our guests. I settled down eventually, but anytime they laughed loudly or went to the bathroom or drank their drinks, I barked. I mean, I was just letting my girl know that I'm here, is all. That I know there are strange people in the house and I've got my eye on them. That's all!

Not sure what we're doing today, but it seems like my girl is puttering around doing the dishes and the laundry and stuff. I should probably go help. And by help I mean bug her to play. Ha ha!

Nov 16, 2006


I see you!

Nov 14, 2006

Porcupine Puppy?

My mean girl says that although there are two types of eskies (sleeker fox type and furrier teddy bear type), I am in a class all on my own: Porcupine puppy type. She says the fur around my head is spiky like it's permanently gelled. How rude!!

Look at my gigantic tongue! The better to slobber you with, my dears!

Nov 12, 2006

The Incredible Human Eskie

I don't understand what doggies mean when they say they're not allowed on the furniture. I believe I am an honorary human...

Nov 11, 2006


A peek into Ronak-Land...

Nov 9, 2006

Holy Yummies!

Wow, talk about YUMMIES!!

Mixed in with my old kibble tonight was NEW KIBBLE!! Man, was it good! I've never had different kibble before. I pushed the old out of the way and gobbled down the new, then followed my girl around, hoping for more. I eventually went back and finished my old kibble too.

I thought that was a treat, but just wait until you hear this. My girl loves to eat ice cream at night, and I am always so sad that I can't have any. I stare at the spoon leaving the bowl and going to her mouth every time she eats it. Well... tonight I got to eat MY OWN ICE CREAM. It was sooo good. Milk is bad for me, so I know that my ice cream is probably different from hers, but WOW! I bet hers doesn't even taste as good as mine does!

Best part? I got to eat from a spoon.

Nov 8, 2006

I've got mail!

Today I received my very first piece of mail!! It is a doggie catalogue addressed to... ME! RONAK! It says my name right on the envelope!

Happy Anniversary...

... to Mom and Dad. They have been married for 38 years and they are the best human Mom and Dad that I could ever have asked for!

Nov 6, 2006


Today I finally got my rabies vaccination. It wasn't fun, but I did get lots of treats while I was there and I'm pretty happy because (paws crossed) I won't need another shot until it's time for 1 year boosters. Woof!

Oh - and I weigh 10.2 pounds now!!

Nov 4, 2006

Sir Barks-A-Lot

I was out in the backyard with my girl in the afternoon. We were just hanging out when suddenly I turned and spotted... a deer. Of course, I didn't know at the time it was a deer. It looked to me like a really big dog with loooong legs and biiiig ears.

My girl was pretty excited. Oh, humans. She loves deer and she thought that this one was really pretty. The deer even ate one of my girl's carrots. Carrots that I could have munched on instead! Sigh.

HEY!! GIRL! Big dog deer in the yard!

Later on I was playing with my toys in the family room... when I saw someone near the front door. The bell hadn't sounded yet, but I barked my little head off to tell my girl to get down there!! It was a woman trying to collect money for a fundraiser at the elementary school my girl went to. She didn't want to open the door, so she used her ferocious man-eating dog (MEEEE!) as an excuse - MUHAHHAHA! Then something really funny happened. The lady asked my girl if she's the babysitter. Ha ha. My girl did not like that One Bit.

Nov 2, 2006

Pity party!

I love pity parties!! Because I'm not feeling well, my girl went out and got me a new toy!! She's spending lots of time with me and giving me belly rubs. And I can tell that the yummy smell on the stove is something for meeee! Yippeeeee! I think it's boiled hamburger! Yay! I bet I get rice too, yummy and so good for my aching tummy!

The Blues

Ohh, my tummy hurts. I let my girl know by giving her my paw a bunch of times. I don't even want to play. All I want to do is lay here.

The girl is giving me ice chips so I don't dehydrate.

Aaaaarf. I'm feeling so blue.