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Aug 10, 2006

I got drunk!

I was scavenging around the kitchen for crumbs after dinner. Mom and my girl were putting stuff away in the fridge and some fizzy stuff leaked out onto the floor. The humans didn't realize for a few seconds, so I helped myself to licking it up. Ooh, those bubbles went right to my head! When my girl realized it was champagne, she completely freaked and called the emergency vet to make sure I wouldn't die or something. They told her I'd be perfectly fine since I'd only had a few licks, but to keep an eye on me since I'm only 6 pounds. Mmmm, call me a lush puppy because I really enjoyed myself!!

I got a little loopy and my girl says I am a lightweight and that I got drunk underage - so that means I'm a rebel, yeah!

I am still feeling pretty darn good. A little spazzier than usual and very happy and playful! My girl says that my handshake is not quite steady. Some of our friends have suggested that I enroll in a 12-step program.

I am told that I will pay for this tomorrow with a puppy hangover! I sure hope not. I had a tough day, you know? I go up a step, I get stuck, I whimper... I just needed a little something to take the edge off!

Anyway, my girl says that alcohol isn't going to fly under this "ruff." Is she corny or what?