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Oct 6, 2006

Moping Human

What do you do when your human is all mopey and down? My girl has been moping around all day. I guess she's sick or something because she keeps coughing. Maybe she has a furball??

Big brother came over and spent some time with us, which was cool. I was so mad at him when he left! I love when he comes over because he romps around all over the place with me and plays and plays and playyyys... we play chase and hide and seek and when I find him I BARK BARK BARK BARK to let him know!
My girl took me to Blockbuster with her and we rented three movies. We watched one called The Lakehouse and my girl really loved it. I liked it too because there was a doggie in it.

While we watched the movie, I helped my girl fold the laundry. Here I am helping!