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Oct 1, 2006

Where is my girl??

I am so mad at my girl!

Yesterday the three of us drove into the city. I sat in front with mom but when we got home I realized that.... my girl was nowhere to be found. She wasn't in the car. She wasn't in the house. She wasn't in the backyard or in the front yard, and she wasn't in the garage.

I looked out the window for her all evening long. I did play with mom and dad a lot, but... it just wasn't the same without my girl.

When she came home tonight, I was so relieved. But I was also really mad, so I just ignored her for a while. She fell asleep on the sofa, so I went over and stared at her inches from her face until she woke up. That scared her. Hah! So now she'll know that there had better not be a next time.