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Nov 9, 2006

Holy Yummies!

Wow, talk about YUMMIES!!

Mixed in with my old kibble tonight was NEW KIBBLE!! Man, was it good! I've never had different kibble before. I pushed the old out of the way and gobbled down the new, then followed my girl around, hoping for more. I eventually went back and finished my old kibble too.

I thought that was a treat, but just wait until you hear this. My girl loves to eat ice cream at night, and I am always so sad that I can't have any. I stare at the spoon leaving the bowl and going to her mouth every time she eats it. Well... tonight I got to eat MY OWN ICE CREAM. It was sooo good. Milk is bad for me, so I know that my ice cream is probably different from hers, but WOW! I bet hers doesn't even taste as good as mine does!

Best part? I got to eat from a spoon.