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Nov 19, 2006

Happy Woofday...

...TO ME!!!!!! I am 6 months old!

I just adore weekends!

Usually mom and dad are here too, but this weekend they're on a trip. And most weekends, big brother and sister in law drop by too, but they are in a different country for the holiday.

It's just my girl and me, but we're having lots of fun. We went to the pet store yesterday to find some Christmas gear for me. I won't tell you what we got or it will spoil my upcoming photo shoot!

And last night, my girl's best friend from high school came over with her boyfriend and we watched a movie... A Fish Called Wanda. I didn't like it because of some unfortunate circumstances surrounding three Yorkies in the plot.

My girl says that I barked too much at our guests. I settled down eventually, but anytime they laughed loudly or went to the bathroom or drank their drinks, I barked. I mean, I was just letting my girl know that I'm here, is all. That I know there are strange people in the house and I've got my eye on them. That's all!

Not sure what we're doing today, but it seems like my girl is puttering around doing the dishes and the laundry and stuff. I should probably go help. And by help I mean bug her to play. Ha ha!