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Dec 2, 2006

The Crystal Ball

Well, this morning was my second puppy class, and I rocked it! Met some cool peeps and cool pups. The girl says I need to work on my Modus Operandi... dubbed The Stealth Sniffer - I sneak up on the other doggie and sniff its butt and hope for the best!! It goes over ok with some... not so well with others. Got some good pats. Squiggled out of taking a picture with Santa, who was major creepiness.

Tonight my slaves - uh, I mean my humans - went out for Chinese food. I would have been pretty ticked off, except the girl promised to bring me back something yummy. Sure enough, she brought me back a fortune cookie!!

How do we get to the good stuff?!?!

Mmmm! That was yummy! Now read my fortune, slave!! Er... girl!

"Mighty forces will come to your aid." GASP! Oh no! What could this mean?!?!!

Oh, how am I ever going to sleep tonight?