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Nov 20, 2007

There was snow?

I am incredibly ticked off at Big Sis right now. Mom and Dad talked to me on the phone last night and told me that in New Jersey, at our big house, a few nights ago... IT SNOWED.

When they told me, I immediately ran to the windows of my city home and looked out (and down because we are on a high floor). NO SNOW.

Later when we went outside for a walk I looked EVERYWHERE. I looked in the park across the street. I looked in building crevices. I peeked inside a parking garage. I scoured the cement. I went up and down steps thinking maybe it was higher or lower. I even looked up a lady's skirt (she did not get mad, I am too cute). Big Sis told her I'm a girl.

I looked inside a store and I saw some fake snow. Big Sis said it was not the real thing but that maybe it would snow this weekend. I just checked the weather on my pawtop though and it's supposed to rain a lot but not snow.

Ohh, snow. I miss you so. I miss your taste upon my nose. And I miss you stuck in between my teeny white toes.