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Jul 23, 2006

He speaks!

The first photos my girl ever saw of me! It was love at first sight.

Today I am putting my best paw forward. I heard a rumor that Eskies are sometimes referred to as "Peskie Eskies," and I refuse to be subjected to such mockery.

I am taking chances... living dangerously. First I began to frolick outside, my leash an afterthought, the wind in my fur.

Later in the morning, while my girl was talking to me, I emitted a deep, low, throaty quasi-bark. It was so alien sounding from my unused vocal cords, she actually jumped. She thought she had hurt me, but the man laughed his big, wonderful laugh. I got so happy that, tiny curly tail wagging, I ran to the girl and offered up my paws in celebration, delighting her.

Later in the afternoon, fortified from lunch, a wonderous thing happened - I got a little squeak out of Kermie! Even the woman came to tell me "Wow, good boy!" Although I can't figure out how to do it again, I resolve to be a squeaking machine tomorrow.

The only rain on my parade is the matter of the stairs. There are four staircases in the house and one staircase outside. I just learned today how to go up the stairs from the yard to the deck myself - I got so much praise for that! But I just get so sad in the house when my three people leave a room and I am left at the bottom of the stairs... sigh. When I whimper, someone always comes to get me. Still, I hate to be so dependent. I am trying so hard, but it's quite a scary endeavor. Tonight I made it up one step before getting stuck.

I am feeling so much closer to my new family now. They love me so much... I know that I can pretty much get away with anything here. At first the woman didn't want to love me, but after three days, she's a goner. I have realized that the woman and the man are my new mom and dad. And I met brother and sister in law too, and they're cool! They live in the city about an hour away.

Tonight, instead of sleeping in my pen where I normally stay, I went and slept near my family, watching television on the sofa. I began a few feet away and inched closer and closer every half hour... until finally I found myself curled up underneath the man's legs, next to his feet. I felt so safe.