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Jul 22, 2006

Was it something I didn't say?

The night was uneventful. My exhaustion made me sleep well... though I was vigilant in keeping one eye trained on the girl. She slept fitfully, watching me, often checking for signs that I was breathing. Strange, isn't it? At around 6 AM, I could bear holding my bladder no longer, and began to ever so softly cry. I immediately was ushered outside to relieve myself, then brought back in for more sleeping. Shortly thereafter I enjoyed a meal of kibble. I began to play a bit with Kermie inside of my large tile home. I know that it squeaks because the girl and the man use their handy opposable thumbs... I have not yet been able to navigate the squeak myself. But I shall persevere.
A travesty occurred in the afternoon, when I was crated and placed in the car again. We went to a place with a smell that I shall never forget... for I have smelled that odor twice before... while being snipped... and again when They planted the subcutaneous tracking device in my fur. Clearly I was frightened, though to their credit, the girl and the man comforted and calmed me. I received a thorough checkup, and then came... the needle. Sigh. I was perfectly still, but oh, it saddened me so that these seemingly kind individuals would subject me to this pain.

Home again we went. I felt a bit woozy and disoriented. The girl checked on me every few minutes. She's asked me several times if I am mute... she tells people on the phone that she badly wants to hear me bark. Also that I vacillate between a polar bear and fox-like appearance.

I am very confused about my pack. The girl handles me the most, gives me my food, takes me outside to use the facilities... but she is also slighter than the other two, with a high-pitched voice, and she seeks out opportunities to play. The man must be the pack leader though, with his large gentle hands and deeper voice. I am slowly winning the woman over... she will love and adore me in no time.

It was another long and trying day. I still have not uttered a peep.

I am feeling sleepy and so I am going to take a nap. Here I am, along with my crate (kept in the girl's room at night while I sleep), my towel (for comfort), and Kermie my squeaky toy.