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Sep 29, 2006

Not such a wimp!

It's just my girl and me for a little while because mom and dad are on a trip. Tonight I was laying at my girl's feet when I suddenly ran to the front door barking and screaming my head off. I saw something!! I was so freaked out that I growled at her to prevent her from going near the door... then I went to the windows and checked everything out myself. I stood there, lips peeled back, crouched down, growling really low to ward off any danger. I normally act like a wimp, but this was serious!

I finally let my girl come near the door when I thought it was safe. We investigated a bit. I just couldn't tell my girl what I saw out there! Speaking different languages is such a communication barrier for us sometimes!

Luckily my girl put the alarm system on then and turned on a bunch of lights and made sure everything was all closed up and locked. Pretty scary, huh?