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Sep 29, 2006


We had a visitor, so of course when the doorbell rang, I woofed and woofed and my woofs turned into howls. My humans seem to be proud of me when I do this. A man (I guess a friend) came over and although he wasn't too kean on petting me, he seemed to like me ok. They all sat in the living room on the sofa, so of course I let him know that it's MY sofa by jumping on next to him and sniffing his stuff. They talked for a while... and of course ate stuff that I didn't get any of (sigh) and then he left after about two hours.

I just got to taste something called a carrot. Was pretty yummy, except that the pieces were sort of big, so it took me some time to break them down. Then my girl got all freaked out and took them away because I sort of coughed one little piece up. DRAT!! I saw mom stash the little pieces in the fridge, so maybe tonight. I can tell that my girl is trying to pester dad into going with us for a walk soon. What's not so cool is that mom wants them all to go see a movie tonight... I don't see why dogs can't come. I'm really well-behaved. Well, outside of my house.