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Nov 24, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

WAY back in September, I got tagged by my Siberian Husky friend Dakota. As I understand it, I can either list 5 very strange things about me or list 5 things that make a good doggie friend. I am going with the former, so here is my little list of oddities:
  1. I love when my girl hums the Pink Panther theme song. This means that we're about to play!! My tail starts wagging and I run for the nearest toy!
  2. I have long lost reunions with every family member... even if it's only been 2 minutes since I last saw them. I act like we have been estranged. Ha ha!
  3. The only object in the world that I like to hump is my fleece baby blanket. I hold onto it and then I basically hump the air. My girl always wanted a bunny named Thumper, but she says that she no longer needs one because she has a dog named Humper instead.
  4. I am a very holy and pious puppy. I join my family if I see anyone praying!
  5. I just adore being pretty! I love my nighttime routine. I love my yummy toothpaste (mm enzymatic poultry), I love getting my eyes cleaned, I love being brushed and combed, and then I love being tucked into bed!! And I even love watching my humans get pretty - isn't that funny? I especially love watching the girl dry her long hair and then trying to play with it... it tickles my ears!
I was a little late getting on the tagwagon, so if you haven't already been tagged... let me know and I'll tag you!

Here is how I spent some of my holiday. This tough group of letters stumped me a bit, but I ended up winning the game by a large margin*!!

*Well... with a little help from the girl.

PS Can anyone figure out what's wrong with this picture??