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Nov 25, 2006

Star Pupil

Today was my first day of puppy school, and I was the star pupil! The trainer told me that I'm one of the smartest dogs she's met. In fact, she said that I don't even need to learn commands and tricks because I already know sit, down, handshake, talk, quiet, and high five. My girl says that I just need to learn to be more social with other doggies and that before we know it, I'll be a puppy party animal!

My girl says that I have homework, too. You can tell that the girl was a dweeb way back in the day because she's excited about doing our homework.

I got a little carsick on our way home though. Then before I could even take a nap, the girl grabbed me and I realized... oh no, we're headed for the tub!

Plotting my getaway escape plan!

Wasn't so bad, I guess. Here I am getting my blowout.

Hey girl - you missed a spot!! Hee hee!