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Nov 21, 2006

Ivory Paws & Ivory Keys

When I first arrived, mom, dad, and my girl were all sitting around in the family room watching old family videos. In one of them, big brother was playing the saxophone and I loved it so much... I cocked my head at the tv watching and listening intently with my tail wagging, a huge grin on my face. Excited, my girl introduced me to a bit of jazz (my big brother is a huge jazz buff) and gradually to some of her classical favorites... among them, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Gershwin.

I have a strong preference for Gershwin and my favorite song to relax to is Rhapsody in Blue.

Hence my doggie bloggie is named Rhapsody in Ronak.

Now my girl is teaching me how to play the piano. So far I know middle C and I'm slowly learning the higher bars to Heart and Soul!! Yay!

Big brother says that once I master something simple (perhaps a beginner Ode to Joy?), we can move on to the saxophone. I don't really know if I can hold it up myself, but that's ok, because brother said he will help me... and besides, his saxophone reed looks pretty yummy to me! I wonder if they come in peanut butter flavor...

Musical genius must run in the family! Here is a shot of my 10 month old eskie cousin Sophie (yes, we really are cousins!) from California, taken by her mom Ashley.