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Dec 22, 2006

Long time no bloggy!

It feels like forever since I last blogged! You can blame it mostly on the girl (she's not my girl when behaving so poorly) and on a thing called The Business. Mom and dad even have been gone a lot and also say it's because of business and the time of year. Whatever! If they don't shape up fast, I'll give them some work to do, alright. So far I've been a gentleman. Hope they don't make me change my mild-mannered ways!!

So the 19th was my 7 month woofday!! When the girl got home, she found a small scene of destruction - tee hee:
Anyway, that was the end of my red doggie toy. So later on that day, I overheard the girl showing mom and dad what I'm getting for Christmas. I ran up and saw her holding a toy that obviously was for me, so I demanded it and they gave it to me... for my 7 month woofday!! Woooo hooo! I can hardly wait for Christmas to open up all of my gifts!!

I also want to thank my friends Sake and Boone and their mom Liz for sending me a super cool Christmas present!! I loved my peanut butter bark bar and I am loving my toys, too!