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Dec 8, 2006

Ticked off!!

I am so mad at the girl!!!!!

She has not played with me ONCE in two days. Unless you count the pathetic 5 minute breaks she takes from doing work "playing!"

And we used to romp around outside. Now instead she wants me to hurry myself up and come back in. Why? She's cold. What a GIRL...

Furthermore, I haven't been able to post because she's been hogging MY computer. I can't get to my bloggie if the girl continues to behave so rudely.

Oh, and I also hear that I'm getting KIBBLE for dinner tonight. What the... ?? Whatever happened to keeping me in the lifestyle I've grown accustomed to?? Sushi, rice, california rolls, bread, eggs, potatoes, beef, chicken, bananas, apples... As you can see, I'm not fussy. I've even given up the champagne, as it upset my girl that I was drinking so young.

But honestly, girl - kibble?

Aaaaarf. When will she come upstairs and play with me? I'm so blue...

Oh, forget you, girl! I have my toys and I don't NEED you!

I am planning a mission to overthrow my girl's laptop. I don't get what's so great about it, but she is always neglecting me for that STUPID machine. Sure, I blog on it, but I could ALWAYS go to the public dogbrary. What do you think I should do to her laptop??