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Dec 9, 2006

Here Comes Santa Claus

I had puppy class today! I did really well. Dad and the girl came with me. The humans are trying to teach me "leave it" and "take it" so I'm really sneaky and smart about it. First they try to tempt me with the "leave it" treat, but I ignore it and they all talk about how I'm a quick learner. Then I eat the "take it" treat. Then when no one is close enough to stop me, I eat the "leave it" treat too. HEE HEE! Ahh. I'm awesome.

Then I went to meet Santa. OK, so he's not creepy. He's actually a pretty cool guy who has three boxers of his own and who couldn't wait to get the heck out of there so he could drink a cold beer and... oh wait, I wasn't supposed to share all of this. Right, right. Sorry, Santa. My bad.

It was a little freaky what with all the paparazzi who wanted to take pictures of me and all of the other doggies (surprisingly no one tried to eat me this time). If I look a little dazed, it's just the flashes! Next time, do it right. ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET!