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Jul 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy fourth of July to all of my fellow American woofs!

It's one of those magical New York Saturdays. Big Sis ended up having the whole afternoon free and was really craving a day of doing nothing (well, actually she needs to pay bills but she's been procrastinating). We are having SUCH a blast!! I went shopping at Duane Reade, Intermix, AND the doggie toy store (yessss!).

I even baked some doggy scones (I let Big Sis be my helper). The scones are garlic and honey flavored... mmmmm.

Let's make THIS one!

Hey - do you like SEAFOOD?!?!?!

And now I'm just chillin'... what could be better - technology, a beer, a tummy full of scones, and a slave Big Sis to harass...