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Jul 13, 2008

Guilt in Humans: A Study in Dog Triumph

This weekend, I conducted a little scientific study entitled Guilt in Humans: A Study in Dog Triumph. I didn't plan it out (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), but yesterday I did have the pukies, and just felt kind of icky the rest of the weekend.

Well, tonight I perked up a bit, but was still pitiful looking enough that Big Sis felt REALLY bad for me. And she thinks it's all her fault.

Check out the benefits of human guilt and what I got away with this weekend!

Pizza for dinner - and yes, I got to eat some!!

And a new toy... what fun!!!!!

This is classified material - I don't want people getting the wrong idea about me. Wink wink!

Doggies, do not attempt this guilty act at home. Results not typical and should be performed by professionals only.