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Jul 16, 2008


I have been accused of a great many things in my life.

There were my drinking phases (see my socialite phase pictures here and then here) - I have yet to live down this hilarious photographic evidence.

There was the rascal phase. Any slobber found on rugs was attributed to me during this time... although we all well know that humans will eat nearly anything.

There was the time of theft... ok, so there was the time with the mango and oh yes, and the leather heel incident.

You see, adoring public, I have been the unwitting recipient of much defamation and slander. It has not been an easy path to walk... yet I rise to every occasion, making adorable faces and performing tricks in exchange for treats and pats and restoration of my good name.

Even my heritage, though PURE, has been questioned! I've been accused of such grossly insulting ancestry... including cat...
... sheep and fox.

But this! This is just too much.

This miniature American Eskimo named Ronak, residing in lower Manhattan, has been identified as a major threat to society with stature and fangs bearing striking semblance to the Tasmanian Devil. It is thought that the two share common ancestors and, as shown above, may share common behaviors and impulses to bite. If you see this creature, proceed with extreme caution.