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Jul 25, 2008

Would this concern you too??

Big Sis returned to work on Wednesday. It was fun to have her home for two days, but honestly, good riddance, woman it's great to see her back on her feet.

Having her home for a few days really highlighted a big concern, though.

Doggies, do any of your humans refer to you with nicknames almost exclusively of the FOOD variety?

As you can probably tell from the comments that some of our friends leave, I have many nicknames. My Big Sis almost never calls me Ronak... she usually calls me Shkooner. Or Gooner. Or Loony Tune. Or (brace yourselves) POOM POOM BABY BEAR.

While she was home though, I realized that I've been focusing on the frou frou nicknames and haven't been paying attention to the concerning ones. Mr. Muffin Head. Pudding Bear. Pumpkin Butt. Apple Bottom.

BUT the most disturbing of them all...


Let me provide some context, friends. You see, at the end of January 2008, Big Sis and I were involved in an accident and both of us are grateful to be ok today. We were walking along a very quiet street in our neighborhood on a calm Sunday evening on the sidewalk. I was on my flexi-leash. Out of nowhere zoomed a big black car onto the sidewalk... badly hurting a woman behind us - and running over three of my four paws (it went over Big Sis' foot, but luckily she was wearing those weird pointy boots that human gals love and she didn't feel a thing). It was a nightmarish evening and after a night and a day in the ER, Big Sis AND Big Bro came to get a very droopy and drugged me to take me home. I've since made a full recovery, so no one worry about me, please!
While I was in the hospital, I had to get lots of IVs and I had to have my wounds treated... so my back legs and a part of one my front leg had to be shaved. I would show you pictures but they're just not pretty.

During this time... Big Sis referred to me mostly as... "Chicken." Not because I was afraid. Because my legs (my dancer legs!) looked like... chicken legs!

In my drugged haze back in January/February while I was recovering, I grew to really like my "Chicken" nickname. Most all of my family adopted it and what can I say... it was funny and fitting at the time.

While Big Sis was home sick these past few days, anytime she got a bout of energy, she'd chase me around. This isn't anything new... she never catches me *evil laugh* but she took to calling me "Chicken" again! I was shocked - and it impaired my usual lightning speed and agility. She caught me and dragged me to the sofa and was harassing me in the usual way of fur razzing and head ruffling and ear pulling.


"I caught you, Chicken! Now I'm going to eat you!"

I was pretty scared the rest of that day... kept an eye on what she was doing in the kitchen. Hmm. But only pasta was made. It seems like she's forgotten for now but... let's just say I'm sleeping with one eye open.

Would someone please report her to the authorities?!?!?!?! This is... THIS IS ENDANGERMENT!!

Did anyone else hear that noise... or is paranoia setting in?????