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Jul 22, 2008

Gotcha Festivities

Thanks to the excellent legal counsel I received from my attorney, MzLiz in Los Angeles, I've decided to not take any legal action against my Big Sis. For now, I will heed Liz's advice and plot something evil against her think about a peaceful way of making amends.

This weekend was a BLAST! Some friends of Big Sis came to visit - one was a guy from San Diego who didn't love my barking welcome very much... and who called me Cujo (though affectionately). I could tell that he actually liked me though... since he text messaged me from the airport on his way back to CA.

ALSO! GAIL spent the night!! I just adore her. Big Sis says that she is the one who introduced me to Gail, and that may be true... but I think Gail only comes by to see me now and barely even likes Big Sis. *evil laugh* The only way that Gail could be cooler would be if she gave me some of her wine... she probably knows that Big Sis would flip. *sigh*

Then on Sunday, I went to Big Bro and Big Sis-in-Law's house to visit... and Mom and Dad were there too!!!!!!!! It was so much fun and I managed to con some people out of their yummy human food as usual.

Now the one little problem was that Big Sis started to feel really yucky on Sunday... like sniffly and coughy and nasal. So she was sort of low energy, which really ticked me off.

Then yesterday in the morning, she wouldn't get out of bed! In fact, it's now Tuesday and she's pretty much been laying there ever since!!!!!!!! We take breaks to go outside and refill my water and my food though... and truth be told, it's REALLY fun. Yesterday was my two year Gotcha Day anniversary (the day that Big Sis and Dad picked me up at the airport!) and Big Sis sang me a little song (in bed) and I brought ALL of my toys onto the bed so we played quite a bit there. Same today! Man, it is beyond cool when humans get sick and stay home with you!! Talk about celebrating my Gotcha Day!! I have been getting belly rubs and cuddles for two days. Big Sis says that I am having a party this weekend to officially celebrate, but I think this is just about as good as it gets!

The best thing is that I can show Big Sis all the things that happen during the day when she's usually at work. Like... since I am the man of the house, I try to fix up whatever needs taking care of around the house. I was changing the bulb for Big Sis when suddenly something caught my eye.

Something scaling the side of a building across the way...

Is that Spiderman????

Hmmmm. Big Sis doesn't think it's Spiderman. Could it be the Gotcha Day Toy Delivery Man?? If so... he has the wrong building!!!!!!!