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Sep 18, 2006


I had my first daytrip today to Connecticut. Mom, dad, and my girl had some business to take care of there, so we all hopped in the car and went. It was about three hours each way. Luckily I got to sleep most of it, but sometmes I looked out the window and grinned at the passing people on the highway. People always smile back at me. Maybe I should be a Goodwill AmbassaDog.

I saw the Mystic and New London waterfronts and the ocean (whoa!) and smelled a lot of new things. My girl tried to get me to do my business in a really wooded area, but pppsshhh, what was she thinking? I only use the grassy area facilities. I'm a classy guy, you know!

I got so much attention - everyone there LOVED me! One man stopped to tell my girl that I am incredibly well-behaved. When he found out that I'm only 4 months old, he asked my girl if she would train his dog! That was funny, but only because I knew my girl was thinking Yeah, right. He was all... "Has he been to obedience class yet?" and she said "No" and he was like... "WOW!
!!!!!!!!" Lots of exclamations!

Then a lady driving by while we were taking a break stopped her car and said that she has a bigger version at home and that we act the same way. She asked if I'm a small Samoyed because I'm so calm. Hah! Little does she know that I am anything but calm!

Then a really funny guy walked by and said to me, "Dog, you are way too clean!" I shot my girl a look that said it all! Ironic because I haven't been bathed in over a month and mom keeps telling my girl I need one. But I am a self-cleaning dog (much like a kitty) and have no doggie odor... even if I get wet or roll around in mud. I always clean myself off.

Then when we found some appropriate green facilities for me to use, a l
ady eating at an outdoor restaurant called to us "Is that an American Eskimo?" She just thought I was the cutest thing. I was a bit of an attention ham and went with my tail wagging to get lots of pats! There was an outdoor band playing and the lead singer winked at me too!

A lot of people on the street asked my girl if I'm a Pomeranian. If they'd have asked me, I would've given them a cool stare and then said "You're fired." I'm just dying to impersonate Trump.

Now for the best part of the trip. When dinner time came, my girl suggested we all eat in the car, but dad was optimistic that we could find a place that would accept m
e. Mom and my girl didn't think so, but Dad spotted a nice looking pizza place and went in to speak with the owner while my girl and I waited outside. I sat and gave the owner my best "pleeeease" look through the glass. Dad was just about to whip out his sunglasses and joke that I'm his seeing eye dog! Uh, I wouldn't know exactly how to pull it off, but luckily the owner caved because I'm so cute and my family promised that I'm very well behaved.

I got to sit in the pizza booth on the bench with them. I ate my kibble from my food bowl and drank water from a plastic cup (like the humans!). I didn't utter one peep, but whenever anyone new came in, I hopped on my girl's lap to check them out. The restaurant staff said I'm great for business because everyone wanted to see me! The restaurant owner said that I am welcome back anytime. What incredibly nice humans!

Then I slept curled in a ball next to my girl the whole drive home.
Great daytrip to Connecticut, but I was sure glad to see my house again when we got back home!