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Sep 19, 2006

Drama King

I've been found out. I like the theatre. I like to act. I am a... thespian.

But I didn't want my humans to know about it!!

My girl was running around with me and one of my paws got pulled a little. I made a big deal and started whimpering and limping around. I even went to mom for good measure with my best "Mom! Your daughter just muuuurdered me!" wail.

I guess I took it a bit far because my girl and my mom were soooo scared and were getting ready to rush me to the vet because I kept on limping. While they wer
e upstairs getting their things, I started doing some zoomies with my toys downstairs.

Then mom found me, so once I saw her... I started limping again - obviously. She called my girl, and told me I'm a drama king!!!!!!! NO FAIR!

Now mom and dad say that I am conniving! What?! Maybe they mean I'm convincing? Great, so give me treats!