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Sep 13, 2006

The Puppy Formerly Known as Mister Gandhi

Lately my family has been calling me Mister Gandhi. They ask my girl, "So, what did Mister Gandhi do today?" and she replies, "Well, he didn't chase any squirrels, he wouldn't bark at any birds, he sniffed a bunny and hopped around with it, he helped the chipmunk find a good spot to dig, he ran away from the neighborhood cat..."

They all think they're soo funny. I just am a pacifist. What's so wrong about that?

As it turns out... nothing. My girl is really happy about my atypical puppy behavior because she, too, loves all furry woodland creatures. And she understands that I'm only 7 pounds and that most cats could probably kick my tush!

But this morning when my girl and I were outside, I surprised her. Apparently it was just a bunch of birds, but they were chirping so loud and they sounded exactly like my squeaky toys, and I... I barked! And then I growled! Just a baby growl. I didn't want them to call my bluff or anything! Just enough not to be called a wimp anymore!!