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Sep 5, 2006

Woe is Me

I haven't been able to sleep at all. I have to go outside really often. At night my girl stayed up with me. I gave her sad eyes and there were lots of mean sounds coming from my tummy.

She called the vet first thing this morning and I didn't even get mad at her.

It turns out that I have round worms. I didn't like the doctor who saw me and my girl says we're not going back there. The doctor told my girl that I'm dehydrated and then started to whisk me out of the room, saying she'd be right back. Dad and my girl were pretty ticked off and told her to cool it, put me down, and talk to them. She said she was going to inject fluid under my skin and that I'd look a bit like a camel for a few hours. YIKES! My girl asked her just how dehydrated she thinks I am and the doctor replied... about 3%. So my girl told her that she would stay home with me and force me to drink and give me ice chips rather than put me through unnecessary discomfort.

Dad says the vet tried to "pull a fast one" and my girl was pretty annoyed. I am glad that they stuck up for me, because I couldn't do it myself. It helps to have good humans on your side.