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Oct 27, 2006

Fruits and veggies and meats, oh my!

My humans started out swearing that they would never feed me table food.

They haven't really - but there are a few exceptions.

I get a piece of banana, apple, or pear any time my humans are eating them.

My girl eats kiwis addictively, and she lets me have a few licks when she's done.

I once stole a piece of mango off my girl's fork. Hah. That was so devious of me!

I was given a small piece of carrot once - but that didn't sit so well, so I don't get it anymore.

I've also had a small bite of cooked lamb (it was spicy but YUMMMYYYY).

I get boiled chicken or hamburger with rice if my tummy is upset. My stomach is a little sensitive.

And I do a great job with crumbs on the kitchen floor.

There's so much fun stuff that the humans get to eat! I don't see why I can't eat what they eat!