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Oct 28, 2006

A Most Angelic Devil

Wowsa! What a day! The girl has been doing "test drives" of me wearing my devil horns and cape for about an hour everyday for the past few days. Today she got me all dressed up and in a car full of humans, we drove to my favorite place - the pet store! There I met lots of other doggies all dressed up - there were two golden retriever pumpkins, a maltese ladybug, a pug in a top hat, a schnauzer dressed as a skunk... but the best were two little hamsters dressed as Ham and Cheese!

I posed very nicely for the camera and got a goodybag full of treats and... we were off! My humans tell me I did an awesome job and am the most handsome devil around!

I'm so evil! MUHAHA! Oh no, my horns slipped!! Girl! Mom, dad! Help! My evil horns!

Guys, why do you think that lady in the next car looked over and screamed?? Oh well. CHEEEESE!! Aren't I a handsome devil??

Oh, you humans are so gullible! I'm not a devil at all! Fooled you, didn't I?? Ha ha!