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Oct 29, 2006

VIPs get Vitamins (and use The Internets)

A few days ago when my girl gave me a mani/pedi, she noticed that my nails were dry and crackly when she clipped them. She ran this by the vet, who suggested either a food change or a multi-vitamin.

My girl went out and got me a multi-vitamin. I was mad at her because I recognize the pet store bag and I know she didn't take me to get treats from my friends there. But I guess I understand, especially since she explained that I'm a VIP (Very Important Pooch), and that VIPs get yummy tasting multi-vitamins.

She was using The Google to research dry doggy nails on The Internets and she found one source that cited malnourishment as a possible cause! My girl thinks she just needs to get me some Omega-3 Fatty Acids. That stinks because I thought I'd get a lot more food out of her if I played my cards right.

PS - Regarding my political reference... and you thought dogs weren't interested in politics!! *GASP* Chasing tails, sniffing out pee spots, and digging holes are dog behaviors of the past. One day there will be a doggie running things in the Oval Wooffice.